Our Queen Bee and Beekeepers

The school and our teachers, whom we affectionately call beekeepers, constantly create a welcoming, loving and supportive school environment for our little bees. We are sure that not only will your little ones come to love Kinder Labz as their second home but mums and dads will also feel like part of the family.

Our highly motivated team of 29 teaching and support staff, together with our Queen Bees, Principal Mrs Angela Toh at Jalan Woodward, and Principal Ms Rachel Tham at BBSK, regularly attend new training courses to ensure our little bees receive the highest quality of care and education.

We also train our staff in First Aid, safeguarding and basic food handling and hygiene.

Get to know us a little better today. Speak to us and take a virtual tour of our buzzing hive by calling or booking a Zoom session with our Queen Bee at 010-6644 211 (Jalan Woodward) or 012-7677 165 (BBSK).