Our Bee-liefs

KINDER LABZ™ has a clear mission: to provide a safe, inclusive and caring environment for your child, to foster confident, independent thinkers, multi-lingual speakers and curious busy bees connected to each other and the world we share.

You can’t beat the right start. Here children thrive in our happy, nurturing and stimulating environment. The care and spirit of our students has to be seen to be bee-lieved.

Through an international mix of themed lessons and activities, we inspire all of our students to be curious about the world and to recognise its endless possibilities. Opportunity is given for children to learn in different ways and at different rates, while encouraging every student to feel like a valued member of the class.

We place great value on relationships with parents. We make time to invite parents in for special celebratory assemblies, parents information day, annual sports and collaborative forums.

Students call it fun, we call it being the best you can bee.

Our Values

We bee-lieve that education should cover all aspects of a child, from intellectual to the emotional as well as physical.

Learn and bee the best you can bee.

Commit to multilingualism, celebrate that we are all unique individuals and embrace diversity.

Get moving and keep your brain and body active for life.

Treat each other and the world around you with the utmost care, kindness and respect.

Our Bee-laws

These are the habits we live by

Just Keep Trying (Resilience)

See a task through to completion, try out new approaches and overcome setbacks with a positive attitude. Don’t stop bee-lieving!

I Can Do It On My Own (Independence)

Make responsible decisions and take appropriate action to become a self-reliant learner.

We Can Learn Together (Collaboration)

Share our skills and ideas as we work to a common goal

Find Out More (Curiosity)

Question, investigate and reflect to develop our understanding

Talk to us to find out what we can do to nurture and mould your child into a keen and curious learner. Call or book a Zoom session with our Queen Bee at 010-6644 211 (Jalan Woodward) or 012-7677 165 (BBSK).