All About Easter!

Our hive was buzzing with explorations and new knowledge! From easter egg hunts to a stroll in the garden learning about leaves, our bees had an adventurous week.

Buzzing Highlights

Discover this week’s buzz by reading all about it here!

Another Week at the Hive!

Our busy bees went on another learning adventure this week!

A Journey to Success!

It’s been a week full of learning, improving, and discovering at the hive!

Shapes, Numbers and Calculations

This week, our little bees turned into Mathematicians and explored the vast world of Math!

Weekly Shenanigans

Our little bees continue to expand their little minds with big knowledge and discoveries. Curious to know what they have been up to this week?

Melodious Discoveries!

Harmonising rhymes, exploring anatomy, and mastering languages – our little bees keep thriving in a week filled with creativity, discovery, and safety drills! 🐝

Embracing New Horizons!

Our little Pre-Nursery bees fearlessly embraced fresh challenges this week, opening doors to new chapters in their learning journey! Eager to unveil the wonders they’ve uncovered? Read all about it here!

New Year, New Me!

It’s a new start to a brand new year and our bees are finally back at the hive, livening it up with their giggles and laughter.

Buzzing in the Festive Spirit!

Celebrate the joyous life at the hive with colourful creations, Santa visits, and heartwarming parental partnerships. Discover what buzzing updates we have in this week’s newsletter.

Music Mania!

Find out what our little bees have been up to!

Play, Learn, Create!

Embarking on educational adventures from dough shapes to Phonic stars, a weekly glimpse at our little bees’ learning journey.

Curious Kiddos Chronicles

Our little bees had an exciting week of discovery. Check out the highlights of their adventure.

Bee-tastic Adventures!

Our little bees are getting back up on their tippy toes after a long holiday. Find out what they have been up to.

Deepavali De-lights!

We are back with another newsletter! Find out what our little bees have been up to at the hive.

Time is Priceless

Time flies when you’re having fun. Find out how our little bees filled their precious time this week with exciting fun and play.

A Week of Learning and Laughter!

Our little bees discovered the magical wonders of the world this week.

On a Journey to Discovery!

Our little bees discovered the magical wonders of the world this week.

Moo-tastic Adventures!

Kinder Labz is all about fun and play while learning, read about the new adventures our little bees have been up to.

Nature’s Wonders

Read what our little bees have been up to this week!

Law of Attraction!

Another week, another new knowledge!

Kinder Labz Sports Day Frenzy!

After four long years, our hive officially held a Sports Day for this year!

Hear me ROAR!!!

Our hive was filled with powerful strong roars as our Pre-Nursery bees’ hand printed their way in making lion crafts.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Our little bees unleashed their patriotic spirit and artistic talent during a Merdeka Day celebration at our hives this week!

Let’s Sing Along!

Our hive was merry with the melodious singing of our little bees this week!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our hive was abuzz with busy bees exploring technology and the wonders of the sea this week.

L is for LOVE!

From weaving paper fishes, to subtracting small numbers with big numbers, find out what our busy little bees have been up to.

Growing up slowly but surely

With nimble fingers and full of concentration, our little bees managed their first tiny steps towards self-reliance by learning to work a zip and fasten buttons.

Little Models

Our little bees strutted the runway this week…modelling skirts, shoes and shorts in a lesson on clothing.

Meet Polly the Parrot

Another buzzing week at the hive with puppet plays, bunny art and forming suku kata.

Under the sea…

Our little bees created their own underwater wonderland as well as learnt all about insects this week.

Pass the rollers…pass the paint, we’re roller painting!

Fun in learning is guaranteed at our hive, whether it’s getting creative or down to serious learning.

Let’s learn to read, write, and speak in Chinese!

Learning Mandarin is fun!

Open wide and say ahh…

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth!

Look at those itty, bitty hands at play!

Everyone loves dough play and our little bees are no exception.


The Lunar New Year is here!

Time flies, it’s Week 2 already!

Little bees, little bees, what have you been up to? We’ve been learning about the number “one” and making popsicle collages!

It’s our little bees’ first week at school!

There were happy faces and there were crying faces during the first week of school.

Hurray, it’s the school holidays!

What better way to end a buzzing year of learning than having fun shooting hoops and tackling riddles?

Our K2 bees have graduated!

Last week marked a major milestone for our six-year-old bees as they graduated from Kinder Labz.

Every day is a chance to learn

Learning something new every day, our little bees’ week has been amazing!

Children’s Day – a special day for our little bees!

We had a fantastic do to celebrate all the little children at Kinder Labz.

Busy bees at work

Our little bees have been having lots of fun and learning.

Spook-tacular Halloween!

We had a spook-tacular Halloween at Kinder Labz this week.

Happy Deepavali!

This whole week has been all about Deepavali. From making preparations to the actual celebration, our little bees had more than great fun.

Eagerly waiting for Deepavali!

It’s been an eventful week at Kinder Labz with our little bees creating beautiful oil lamps, a little farmhouse, and wrapping nasi lemak with banana leaf.

Little actors and actresses

This week, our little bees put their acting skills to the test during a lesson on emotional expression.

Hello there, Mr Creepy Crawly!

Do you believe that our brave little bees hunted for insects this week?

Fun and more fun at the hive

The excitement of learning continues with sand play and scrapbook making at Kinder Labz.

Ladybugs are ‘invading’ our hive!

Our little bees are back from their school holidays more eager to learn than ever.

Learning the number 4 and all about air transportation

Our littlest bees got more familiar with the number 4 while their older peers learnt about air transportation and made colourful lanterns.

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

This week, we celebrated the nation’s 65th year of independence at both our Jalan Woodward and Bandar Baru Sri Klebang hives.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere

Little bees at Kinder Labz always have fun while learning whether it’s bursting bubbles, practising phonics or studying science.

It’s always buzzing at our hive!

The buzz of learning never stops at Kinder Labz.

We have a new hive!

Hurray! Kinder Labz has landed in Bandar Baru Sri Klebang!

We love storytime, any time!

Our little bees had a buzzing time in school learning about land transport vehicles and vegetables. And, then there was storytime!

A week of cats, edible cars and cows

Our busy bees pretended to be cats as well as assembled edible cars while learning all about cows this week.

Learning about farm animals, patterns and new words

Our hive was buzzing with fun and activity as usual.

It’s fun as usual at the hive

Fun and learning goes hand in hand at Kinder Labz.

Swish, swish, swish…I’m a little fish

Our little bees have been making paper fishes and learning about objects that sink and float.

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth

Besides having a buzzing time with numbers and phonics, our little bees had their teeth checked by dental nurses at the hive.

Another buzzing week at the hive!

Our little bees have been busy producing beautiful art and learning about digraphs.

The buzz of learning continues at the hive

The buzz of learning continued at the hive this week with our little bees producing beautiful art using the sponge technique, storytelling and also learning the numbers 1 to 20.

Kinder Labz Summer Exploration Open Day on June 6!

Our Summer Exploration Open Day arrives at Kinder Labz, Jalan Woodward, Ipoh, on June 6!

Run, baby, run!

We have a new running track at the hive and our little bees are absolutely in love with it!

It’s Raya at the hive!

The hive was filled with the festive joy of Hari Raya Aidilfitri in a buzzing celebration filled with song, dance, and yummy treats this week.

Eagerly anticipating the big celebration

A week to go before Hari Raya Aidilfitri and our hive is already buzzing with a festive atmosphere.

Counting and shapes…easy-peasy, Mummy!

Our little bees had a buzzing time learning to count and forming circles at the hive this week.

Never a dull moment at the hive

Just a short few months of school and the enthusiasm for learning new things has rubbed off on our little bees.

Our bees are always eager to learn

Just a short few months of school and the enthusiasm for learning new things has rubbed off on our little bees.

A week of writing and learning the letter ‘C’

Another week of learning, another week of fun.

A week of bowling, singing and maths

Excitement and fun go hand-in-hand with learning at the hive and this week’s lessons were no different.

Learning is always fun at Kinder Labz!

Learning is always fun at the hive and this week was no exception. Kinder Labz was literally a hive of activities as our little bees busied themselves in various lessons and activities.

A week of discovery for bees and parents!

It was a time of discovery for both our little bees and their parents this past week. While the little bees learned new things, their parents got a closer look at how their children are doing at the hive.

Buzzing and learning even during the holidays!

The school holidays are an opportunity for our little bees to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge.

A week of discovery for our little bees!

It has been a week of fun learning for our little bees.

A week of numbers and shapes!

Our little bees used their powers of observation and also learned all about numbers and shapes this week.

It’s Chinese New Year at the hive!

Our little bees had a buzzing but safe Chinese New Year celebration at the hive this week.

We present you Kinder Labz’s mini Picassos!

The buzz of learning at Kinder Labz takes on a creative side with free painting and collage creations.

Busy bees working hard to become clever bees

What’s the buzz at the hive this week? Shaping dough, tracing letters in the sand and discovering the letter ‘S’ while having lots of fun learning, of course!

Buzzing into learning in Week 2 of school!

Our little bees got down to learning after a week of adjustments and getting used to school at the hive.

Welcome to the hive, little bees!

We welcomed new bees to the hive this week as we celebrated the beginning of a new school year at Kinder Labz.

Great fun for everyone at Kinder Labz’s Explorers’ Open Day

Eager to get a taste of the Kinder Labz learning experience, parents and their little ones turned up in full force at our Explorers’ Open Day last Saturday, on 11 Dec.

Listen out for the tambourine!

Another week of school, another week of learning. Our buzzing bees never tire of acquiring new skills and knowledge.

The learning continues at the hive

The learning continues at the hive despite our K2 bees having graduated. This week, our bees learned about maths and practised their fine motor skills while doing some story telling among themselves.

Our little bees have graduated!

Great buzzing news! A total of 45 of our little bees graduated from Kinder Labz and received their certificates on Saturday, 27 November 2021, in a ceremony filled with lots of laughter, song and dance that they will cherish and remember in years to come.

Look Ma, I’m painting with my fingers!

Our bees put on their creative side this week, trying their hands at finger printing art and also puppet play story telling.

Kinder Labz Explorers’ Open Day

Take flight and attend our Explorers’ Open Day to find out why we are the most buzzing kindergarten for 2-6 year olds in Ipoh on Saturday, 11 December, from 9am – 2pm.

A week of learning about shapes and different cultures.

Our little bees had a buzzing week learning about shapes as well as different cultures at the hive.

A splashing good time in the water!

Our little bees had a splashing good time with swimming lessons by Aqualabz besides learning about colours and Chinese writing strokes.

It’s Halloween at the hive!

We celebrated Halloween Day at the hive. Some of our little bees also did the supermarket run this week, learning to use money and to calculate their purchases while others have been hard at work learning their suku kata.

Entering the world of insects and bugs, and taking a closer look at our six-legged friends

This week, our little bees explored the world of insects and bugs, taking a closer look at their six-legged friends.

A week of shadows, plants, and showing gratitude

This week, our little bees had fun playing with shadows and eating with their hands while learning about shapes and sizes as well as plants.

A week that was all about lions and sounds

This week was all about majestic lions and a lesson on kindness for our Pre-Nursery bees while our K2 bees went about investigating different sounds.

A week of exploring the sciences for our little bees

Our little bees have been keeping busy. It’s been a week of creating mini tornadoes and making coin boxes for these precious ones.

A mini lantern parade to usher in the Mid-Autumn Festival

Our little bees kept busy this week learning about height and sizes, and the life cycle of a butterfly.

A buzzing week filled with cats, vegetable patches and music

It may be the school holidays but the learning continued for some of our little bees.

Flying high into the sky and beyond!

This week, our little bees had a buzzing good time as they flew into the sky and space, learning about air transport and also space travel.

Selamat Hari Merdeka everyone!

This month and next, let us do more than raise our flags in celebration of Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day. Let us take this time to reflect and make a conscious effort to appreciate each other because of our unique differences.

Ice-cream Day is my happy day!

Our Pre-Nursery bees giggled excitedly as they tried to prevent the cold, coloured ice rounds from slipping out of their hands.

Monday is our favourite day because we have assembly!

Our Pre-Nursery bees always look forward to Mondays. The reason is because of the mini-indoor assembly that takes place within their own classroom each week.

Confident and smart bees, we are!

‘Oh Where, oh where has my little dog gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?’ ‘Teacher, my dog is at home.’ This response came spontaneously…

Happy retirement Mrs Puvanes

As all good things have to come to an end, we bid farewell to our beloved Queen Bee, Mrs Puvanes as she undergoes mandatory retirement having turned 60 on July 19…

Why does this egg sink and that one floats?

“One little, two little, three little scoops of rice.” “Four little, five little, six little scoops of rice.” Our little Pre-Nursery bees had fun scooping coloured rice into a…

“Oh my, this chair is heavy. This pillow is light.”

“O is for orange. O is for owl.” Our Pre-Nursery bees learned the letter ‘O’ and names of words beginning with the same letter and phonic sound this week…

Counting forward and backwards, it’s all easy-peasy for our little bees

Five little ducks went out one day, Over the hill and far away, Mother duck said, ‘Quack, quack, quack’, But only four little ducks came back….

Singing, hopping and creating posters… our little bees can do so much

“Ladybird, ladybird, fly out of the farm, and land right on my little arm.” The joyous singing of our Pre-Nursery bees rang throughout the corridors of Kinder Labz…

Let’s dance, Mr Teddy Bear! Let’s dance!

Happy, sad, angry, surprised, what do you feel right now? Our little bees learned all about their emotions and how to recognise them in this week’s lessons.

It’s the time of the year to honour our superhero dads (and granddads)

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday and the whole of this week, Kinder Labz is honouring fatherhood!

The fun in learning never stops at the hive…

Dear Families, The Kinder Labz community is a hive of activity despite the FMCO as our little bees keep busy with various activities thoughtfully curated to help improve their cognitive and non-cognitive skills…

“This is the way I write my ‘a’, write my ‘b’, write my ‘c’.…”

Dear Families, Our little bees in Pre-N began their week by learning to recognise and identify their names during circle time. Rather than just tracing their names onto dotted lines, the little bees used coloured circles to make their names as part of a…

“Teacher… teacher… I made a triangle roof with two square windows…”

Dear Families, Our buzzing little bees in Pre-N tapped into their creative side this week as they made a rocking paper snail in their art lesson. This activity helped our little bees practice their fine motor skills as they made their cute curly snails…

What do leaves look like? Do all leaves look the same? How are they different?

Dear Families, The hive was buzzing with songs and rhymes as our little bees continued learning the Jolly Phonics sounds. Our little bees started with the letter ‘x’, pretending to take an x-ray with an x-ray camera, our little bees sang…

What’s that smell? Hmmm…it smells so fruity… What’s that smell? Eeeew, it doesn’t smell nice…

Dear Families, The buzz at the hive this week continued with physical lessons as well as online lessons, our little bees were buzzing throughout and did not miss one single beat…

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… You make me happy, when I am sad…”

Dear Families, Hands-on learning is the best way for our littlest bees to learn their numbers, this week our little bees in Pre-N did some counting and learned the value of numbers from 1 to 5 while singing their favourite nursery rhymes…

“One, Two, Three, Four, Five… Once I Caught A Fish Alive…”

Dear Families, Hands-on learning is the best way for our littlest bees to learn their numbers, this week our little bees in Pre-N did some counting and learned the value of numbers from 1 to 5 while singing their favourite nursery rhymes…

“Teacher! I like ice cream but I don’t like to eat vegetables”

Dear Families, “Exercise is king. Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom”, said Jack Lalane. A line that best reflected the week our buzzing little bees have had at the hive. Our little bees had a buzzing time…

“We are clicking castanets… c k…c k…c k. We are clicking castanets…”

Dear Families, Walking past our Nursery classes we could hear a familiar clicking sound, taking a peek we could see our little bees raising their hands and snapping their fingers singing…

“This is my father, kind and dear, this is my mother, sitting near…”

Dear Families, This week our little bees go through the topics they’ve learnt in their first term as they prepare for more buzzing themes as they fly into Term 2. “This is my father, kind and dear, this is my mother, sitting near…

“Look at these colourful eggs, don’t they look nice?”

Dear Families, Can you believe it? We’re at the end of the first term where our little bees in Pre-N focused on developing their motor skills while our Nursery bees improved on their hand writing skills…

“Look…look, the dirt is spreading away from my finger”

Dear Families, “Look…look, the dirt is spreading away from my finger!”, buzzed our Nursery bees as they became little scientists learning about how soap works. They began with a plate of water that contained pepper while another container was filled with soapy water…

“Hearing, tasting, smelling, seeing, fingers and our skin for feeling…”

Dear Families, Our little bees in Pre-N were buzzing with excitement as their darts landed on the velcro board. It didn’t matter whether the darts hit the bull’s eye or landed elsewhere but the aiming helped in developing…

“This is my nose, and this is my mouth…”

Dear Families, Our week started off with a buzz as our little bees celebrated International Women’s Day, learning about the importance of this day our little bees made crafts to share with the most important women in their lives…

“Your left hand… my right hand… Hey look, we made a butterfly together!”

Dear Families, the hive was a buzz of activity this week as our little Pre-N bees learned to make their own fruit salad while our curious K1 bees strengthened their friendship with their fellow bees by making handprint butterflies…

Teacher…Teacher…I Made the Letter ‘B’…”

Dear Families, “Teacher…teacher…I made the alphabet ‘B’, can you see?” Our curious bees in Pre-N had a buzz of a time shaping playdough to form letters while our young bees in Nursery had their little hands in science through ‘Salt Art writing’…

Going On A Shape Hunt, Leaving Right Away…

Dear Families, “Going on a shape hunt, leaving right away. If it doesn’t rain, we’ll stay all day. Beekeepers: Do you see a circle? Little Bees: Yes, we see a circle. Going on a shape hunt, here we go…. Sang our curious bees in K1…

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Dear Families, Gong xi fa cai! Xin nian kuai le! Happy Chinese New year, this week we take a look at what’s been buzzing at the hive as our little bees dress in their traditional costumes. Meanwhile our queen bees talk about ways to help overcome your little ones’ picky eating habits…

Is It Living or Is It Non-Living?

Dear Families, “It is living, it is living…, I know why! I know why! It breathes and grows and changes, it breathes and grows and changes, it’s alive! It’s alive!
Sang our curious bees from K1 as they learn about living and non-living things in class this week…

Keeping Our Little Bees Safe In Their ‘Bubbles’

Dear Families, In making the hive an even safer place for our little bees, we have placed them together with their respective beekeepers into their own ‘class bubble’ while still practicing social distancing…

Help Mama Letters Find Their Babies

Dear Families, ‘Help the Mama letters find their little babies…’ It was a buzz watching our little bees in Nursery trying to match Uppercase and Lowercase letters. Let’s take a look at what else’s been buzzing at the hive this week…

Welcome Back Everyone!

Dear Families, Welcome back to the hive everyone! We’re buzzing to see all the familiar and new faces at the hive. This week we look at what’s been buzzing at the hive and hear from our Queen bees on how to overcome separation anxiety….

“Auld Lang Syne…”

Dear Families, “Run, run, as fast as you can; You can’t catch me, I am the Gingerbread Man!”, said our Nursery bees as they made their own Gingerbread Man. This week, we bid farewell to our K2 bees of Blossom and Honeycomb as they graduate from the hive….

“Ho…Ho…Ho…Do I Look Like Santa Claus?”

Dear Families, From Christmas wreaths to hand print Santas, our little bees were buzzing as they made Christmas themed craft in their distance learning sessions. Our K1 bees looked like little Santas’ themselves putting on the masks they had made….

“Hello…Hello, Can You Hear Me?”

Dear Families, We buzz into December with our curious Nursery bees making monkey shaped crafts using toilet paper rolls at home. Our distance learning session was filled with them buzzing “In the forest, in the tree, there’s a monkey swinging free….

“Standby, My Rocket Is Getting Ready to Take Off…”

Dear Families, “Stand by, my rocket is getting ready to take off…”, said our adventurous bees from K1 as they made their own paper rockets while learning about various types of inventions…

“We’re Buzzing With Excitement…”

Dear Families, We check in on our little bees as they continue to buzz safely at home entering their second week of distance learning. Here’s how they’ve been up to this week…

“Zooming On the Go…”

Dear Families, As we’re all staying safe at home this week, the team has been buzzing with activity working on transferring the curriculum for distance learning. We’ve been getting lots of feedback and thumbs up as our little bees continue to experience the buzz…

“Someone’s been sitting in my chair!”

Dear Families, Story telling isn’t just about reading books, retelling fairy tales or adapting a well-known story. This week our little bees in Nursery had a buzzing time during their role-play session after listening to the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”…

“When Will My Child Be Able To Write?”

Dear Families, “When will my child be able to write?”, a question commonly asked by our buzzing parents. Before our little bees can learn to write, a fair share of groundwork is needed to first help them hold a pencil with better control…

Is Six More or Less Than Seven?

Dear Families, As we buzzed through the hive this week, our little bees from Nursery watched Mr Alligator munching numbers for lunch. “Mr Gator likes to munch….  Juicy numbers for his lunch…

I learned to zip, button, tie…

Dear Families, “There’s something in my garden…Now what can it be? There’s something in my garden… That I can’t really see! Hear its funny sound… Buzzz… Wow! It’s a bee…”

There’s something in my garden…

Dear Families, “There’s something in my garden…Now what can it be? There’s something in my garden… That I can’t really see! Hear its funny sound… Buzzz… Wow! It’s a bee…”

Hickory dickory dock…

Dear Families, Our Thursday started with a buzz as our little bees walked around the school field proudly carrying lanterns that they made during art and craft lesson. It was a beautiful sight…

Yay! I’ve Just Got My Driving License

Dear Families, We were buzzing this week to celebrate ‘World Peace Day” as our little bees from 2 to 6 years old put their hands around the world with colourful handprints in “Shaping Peace Together”…

Welcome to flight KLABZ001

Dear Families, With “Holiday” being one of the sub topics for our buzzing K1 bees this term, they have been going on imaginary holidays in class, visiting several countries saying ‘Hola’ to Spain, ‘Bonjour’ to France, ‘Ni Hao’ to China, ‘Vanakkam’ to India and ‘Konnichiwa’ to Japan…

Teacher, I look like a giant!

Dear Families, “Teacher, I look like a giant!” said our little bee looking at the shadows they made in the sun. Our little Pre-N bees learned to trace shadows of their favourite toy farm animals on a piece of paper while our buzzing bees in Nursery…

Do you want to make a sandwich?

Dear Families, Our buzzing bees from K1 had their hands full this week as they learned to make their own egg sandwiches, Yum! While our curious K2 bees learn about the different types of materials that make up the items we use daily…

Put something big into the basket…

Dear Families, This 31 August marks 63 years since Malaysia’s independence and all our little bees have been buzzing making craft work related to our national day. You’ll be able to see all the beautiful craft work displayed…

Brush, Brush, Brush, This Is How We Brush Our Teeth

Dear Families, “This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth, this is the way we brush our teeth, so early in the morning”, sang our little bees…

Stop! Look! and Listen!

Dear Families, Stop! Look! And Listen…. can you guess the topic our little bees in Nursery looked at this week? If you guessed “Road Safety”, you are right…

Setting Up A Farm Corner…

Dear Families, Who says, you can only learn about animals at the zoo or at a farm. Let’s take a look at what our little Pre-Nursery bees have been up to this week…

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Dear Families, Whoosh… whoosh… “I feel the wind blowing my kite away into the deep blue sky” were the words of our buzzing K1 bees. Having learned about windy weather, they made kites this week…

What Is It Made of?

Dear Families, Hands-on learning is by far the best way for kids to learn their numbers because they can manipulate an object themselves. But you can’t just count out loud to your little bees and expect them to recognize numbers right away…

How’s the weather today?

Dear Families, “How’s the Weather, How’s the Weather, How’s the Weather today?” It was a soothing song for discussion on weather.  The K1’s, Pollen and Honey Bees explored four different kinds of weather, Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy and Windy…

The Hive is Buzzing Again!

Dear Families, we have now stepped into the second half of the year after an indifferent start which has now become the ‘New Normal’ for all of us. We were excited to welcome our buzzing bees back to the hive as school reopened on 1 July 2020…

It’s Father’s Day!

Dear Families, the month of May has come and gone, and we barely felt it pass by. We’re delighted to see more and more of our buzzing bees returning to the hive…

We reflect on how the team felt during the MCO?

Dear Families, We’re naturally an optimistic team but dealing with so much change can certainly test our limits. Here the team reflect on how they coped during the Movement Control Order (MCO), with everyone missing the buzzing bees and the camaraderie at the hive.  It’s certainly good to be back…

What should I do when children say negative things about themselves?

Dear Families, The hive is slowly buzzing again with some of our little bees returning to daycare. You could see the joy on their faces as they walk passing through all the SOPs we have in place, seeing their teachers and some of their friends…

Daycare services have resumed at the Hive

Dear Families, With many of our mummy and daddy bees working remotely from home, it must have taken a bit of time getting used to. Not to worry as we are buzzing to inform you that our daycare services at the hive have resumed…

Ideas to keep your child buzzing indoors

With most of us safe indoors at the moment, we have asked our teachers to share some tips that’ll help keep you and your little ones buzzing throughout the days you spend together at home…

Important Announcement

Dear Parents and Guardians, please see our official notice on closure of Kinder Labz from tomorrow, Wednesday 18 March and we look forward to opening again on Wednesday, 1 April. The letter is in English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese and has been sent on WhatsApp too. Stay safe and look after each other.

Oh, Did You Spot Our Learning Corners?

Dear Families, Ten weeks have buzzed by so quickly and it’s time for our little bees to take a short break before the start of our second term. There will be a week’s holiday for those who are not in the day care programme from 14 to 22 March…

Sending My Little One To School at 2 Years Old? Isn’t That Too Early?

Dear Families, Happy March to all our wonderful families and what a great start it has been with our little bees practising for our upcoming Sports Day. In the meantime, we are still awaiting your reply with regards the “Parent’s Got Talent” event we’ve planned for our Family Fun Day & Open Day…

The Importance of Physical Education

Dear Families, Our Facebook page must have caught your eyes on our upcoming event at the hive this week. We will be hosting a Family Fun Day & Open Day in March and all of you are cordially invited to have a fun filled time with family and friends… 

Is Your Little One A Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetics Learner?

Dear Families, It was a fruitful end to the week as we had successful Meet and Greet Session with our wonderful parents.  Thank you for sparing your time despite your hectic schedule to meet our teachers and learn more about your little one’s progress… 

Cambridge English’s Back!

Dear Families, We are mid-way into February and we have been progressing well in all levels of school.  With all of the major festivals for the month behind us, the hive is preparing for the up-coming Open Day and our Annual Sports Day… 

Family & Friends, our theme for this term…

Dear Families, “I have a big family”. “My family is small”. “We go for holidays together with grandpa and grandma”. These are some of the communications that takes place among the busy bees from the K1 classes…

Goodbye January, Hello February!

Dear Families, After the colourful end to our Chinese New Year celebration at the hive, it’s time to say “Goodbye January! And welcome the shortest month in the calendar, yes! Hello February…

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Dear Families, as you drive through the driveway, you would have seen the hive colourfully decorated with red lanterns, streamers and children’s art work welcoming the New Year…

We’re in Week 2 Already?!

Dear Families, It was a great way to end the first week with an Orientation session for our new parents last Saturday…

Happy 2020, Welcome Back Everyone!

Dear Families, Hello and welcome, or welcome back to Kinder Labz, the buzzing hive in Ipoh! We are so excited in starting another year…

A Recap of 2019…

Dear Families, As we come to the end of this academic year, it is with great pride that we can look back at the many achievements of our little bees…

Holiday Camp

School’s out but hey that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Boy have we got some buzzing news for you, Kinder Labz will be organising a holiday camp for your little ones…

So Long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Goodbye…

Dear Families, Wow! What a year! Allow me to rephrase that, what a GREAT year it has been for all of us at the hive. Where has this year gone?

Open Day At The Hive…

Dear Families, Another interactive week awaits all of you with our Parent-Teacher Conference scheduled for 20 & 21 November 2019…


Dear Families, Here we are again ending another buzzing month with a dual celebration of Deepavali and Children’s Day at the hive…

A Buzzing Time Indeed!

Dear Families, What an amazing end to the week it was last Saturday with Kinder Labz’s first Concert and Graduation Ceremony 2019 at Wisma Chin Woo…

“Milking The Cow”

Dear Families, It has been a lovely start to the week with much clearer skies and showers in between making the environment healthier…

Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Dear Families, “Au revoir” to the month of September, and Yes! It has been a fun filled and exciting month…

They Grow Up So Quickly…

Dear Families, With the number of replacement holidays in the month of September, a good opportunity for more outings and get togethers…

Mid Autumn Is Here…

Dear Families, With the number of replacement holidays in the month of September, a good opportunity for more outings and get togethers…

Tick, tock! Tick, tock!

Dear Families, For many, the month of September signals the end of summer, the beginning of autumn…


Dear Families, Here we are in the final week of the month of August, the week for our National Day Celebration…

Buzzing weeks ahead!

Dear Families, Welcome back to our little bees who went on a week’s break, we hope you had a fabulous time…

A Ruler is….6 Paper Clips Long or Is It?

Dear Families, Looks like the holidays are here for our bees in the normal school hour programmes!

It’s All To Do With Motor Skills…

Dear Families, Here we are again moving into a new month, August with more news from the hive…

Is it paper? Is it plastic? What is it?

Dear Families, We hope you had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones and is up for another week filled with adventures…

Teaching Our Little Bees to Fly

Dear Families, Greetings to our mummy and daddy bees from the hive as we end our second week in July. There has been lots of buzz around…

Safety First!

Dear Families,Here I come… the month of July with new themes and exciting activities which requires your involvement in your child’s learning. The busy bees are definitely…

All dressed up…

Dear Families,It’s been an exciting half year for our busy bees together with our Beekeepers. A lot of buzzing has been going on and we are making an exit from our current…

5 + 5 = 10

Dear Families,What an interesting month it has been as we watch our busy bees progressing day by day in all areas of learning and development….

It’s time to celebrate!!

Dear Families,Time seems to be flying too fast but we are happy to welcome our busy bees back to the hive after a long break to coincide with Hari Raya Aidilfitri. We…

“Bill is on the hill”, Kipper says

Dear Families,Another half term flies by and we are quickly heading towards the school holiday, which begins from May 25 – June 10, 2019. The break coincides with…

Thank you “Lao Shi”…

Dear Families,We have been showing our appreciation and respect to all of our teachers to mark the annual Teachers’ Day celebrations…

Planting for the future…

Dear Families,What a lovely way it was to end the week at the hive with a special celebration for our Mummy bees. We wish all our beautiful mama bees a Happy Mother’s Day. Before sharing what went on during the celebration, let us browse through…

Our Mini Picasso(s)

Dear Families,Welcome to the month of May, with the start of Ramadhan, we wish all our Muslim parents “Selamat Berpuasa”. We have lots to share about our busy…

Please and Thank You…

Dear Families, The month of April has passed by too fast and we can say “busy” is the word of the month here! April showers bring May flowers and our busy bees ended the…

Meet the parents…

This has been an interesting week after a successful Parent Teacher Conference and each class embarking on new themes….

Flying start to term 2

Dear Families,Here we are in the second week of the new term and the hive is as busy as ever with each class embarked on their new themes….

Glide to victory!!!

Dear Families,Welcome back after a week break as we fly into Term 2 of our academic year.  What an eventful first term it was, packed with awesome activities, and rest…

Ending the first term on a high…

Dear families, The much-anticipated event of the year so far, KINDER LABZ™️ first Sports Day 2019 is finally here. It’s more than a Sports Day; it is a day in which our busy bees try to develop sportsmanship, build their body and learn to be life-long…

Of Flyers, Gliders, Hoppers & Skippers…

Dear Families,With the Sports Day next weekend, the children are busy practising to display their sportsmanship on the day. We are pleased to share the house names for…

Come and Zumba with bee…

Dear Families, It has been a good start to the month with new students and with most of our little ones settling in so well and learning new skills during their sports practices.   You cannot hear “I want to go home”, it is now them wanting to remain in..

Practice, practice…

Dear Families,What a busy month February has been; it has whizzed by with lots of wonderful activities. Each Year Group has been having lots of fun and students…

Here comes Benji, the Bee!

Dear Families, With the green surroundings, fresh air and the morning sun it’s a real joy to watch the busy bees buzzing around the field playing on the slides, the horsy and the swing. Some spend their time at the…

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Dear Families,We have had our first KINDER LABZ assembly together. All the children gathered at the reception area, lining up in their respective classes. With Ms Esther playing the piano, the children sang songs, including the National Anthem…

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Dear Families,We have had our first KINDER LABZ assembly together. All the children gathered at the reception area, lining up in their respective classes. With Ms Esther playing the piano, the children sang songs, including the National Anthem…

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…

Dear Families,We have had our first KINDER LABZ assembly together. All the children gathered at the reception area, lining up in their respective classes. With Ms Esther playing the piano, the children sang songs, including the National Anthem…

Splish! Splash!

Dear Families,We have had our first KINDER LABZ assembly together. All the children gathered at the reception area, lining up in their respective classes. With Ms Esther playing the piano, the children sang songs, including the National Anthem…

I know what ‘S’ sounds like!

Dear Families, A second week has passed by in a flurry and the children have all finally settled in. Thank you to you as parents for helping us settle your little children in every morning…

Flight of our Bumble Bee…

Dear Families,It has been a buzzing first week at Kinder Labz and we have enjoyed welcoming our swarm of excited and energetic children. Everyone has been exploring their new classrooms, learning new things and making new friends…

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