Our Pre-Nursery bees put their tiny fingers to good use during their Finger Printing Art session this week. Using their fingerprints, they formed leaves for the trees they painted, making beautiful portraits in the process. This activity helped improve the little bees’ fine motor skills as they strengthened their finger and hand muscles while fingerprinting.


Meanwhile, our Nursery bees had a buzzing time telling the story about The Elephant and Friends during a Puppet Play. Acting out the characters of the elephant, monkey and rabbit, they brought the story to life while improving their dexterity and fine motor coordination as they manipulated the puppets.


On the other side of the hive, our K1 bees were serious at work learning to add. Using counters to represent addition and actions, the bees further understood the concept of adding while learning the basic definitions of add, total, sum, and equal.


We would also like to call on you to spread the joys of learning at Kinder Labz by inviting your friends to our Explorers’ Open Day on Sat, 11 December, 9am to 2pm. There will be art and craft, and percussion sessions, an augmented reality (AR) demonstration at our brand new Makerspace room, as well as special sign up offers.


Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Lebah–lebah dari Pre–Nursery telah membuat capan jari membentuk daun pokok. Aktiviti ini secara tidak langsung membantu memperkukuhkan kemahiran motor mereka di samping menambah kreativiti mereka.


Lebah–lebah Nursery pula telah mengadakan sesi bercerita menggunakan boneka tangan seperti monyet, arnab, dan gajah untuk merealisasikan cerita bertajuk “Elephant and Friends”.


Bagi lebah–lebah di K1 pula, mereka sibuk belajar kemahiran menambah dengan menggunakan manik dan butang untuk memperkukuhkan lagi pemahaman matematik mereka.


Kami juga mengambil peluang ini untuk menjemput anda serta kawan–kawan anda ke Hari Terbuka Explorers kami pada hari Sabtu, 11 Disember, bermula 9 pagi hingga 2 petang. Terdapat sesi kraftangan dan pelbagai permainan di samping tawaran yang menarik apabila anda mendaftar anak anda di Kinder Labz.


Sehingga bertemu lagi, ceria–ceria selalu.







我们想呼吁您在 12 月 11 日(星期六)早上9 点至下午 2 点可邀请您的朋友参与我们的探索开放日,从而传播在Kinder Labz里学习的乐趣。我们将在全新的Makerspace房间进行的活动有手工艺品、打击乐器、增强现实 (AR) 演示以及特别注册优惠。



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