Kinder Labz Summer Exploration Open Day on June 6!

Our Summer Exploration Open Day is here! Take flight and visit us at 4 Jalan Woodward, Ipoh, on Monday, June 6, 2022, from 9am – 2pm, to find out why we are the most buzzing kindergarten for 2-6 year olds but first, get your tickets at




Let us take you on a magical tour around the hive as you learn about life at Kinder Labz with our high energy international curriculum. Get a feel of the nurturing environment that your child will experience as a curious bee at Kinder Labz. This is also your chance to discover our new hive that’s coming up in Bandar Baru Sri Klebang.


* Cambridge English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu
* Swimming lessons
* Clean and safe hive
* Healthy eating canteen
* Medical bay
* Before & After School Club


Take advantage of our offer when you enrol your child at our Jalan Woodward or Bandar Baru Sri Klebang hive. Get a free set of uniform and administration fee waived.


This is also your chance to check out our exciting language centre, Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (ILTI), and sister international school, Asia Metropolitan International School (AMETIS).


Remember, get your tickets at or call/WhatsApp 010-6644 211 to book your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you and your little ones!

Great fun for everyone at Kinder Labz’s Explorers’ Open Day

Eager to get a taste of the Kinder Labz learning experience, parents and their little ones turned up in full force at our Explorers’ Open Day last Saturday, on 11 Dec.


The buzzing event, held in full compliance with SOPs set out by the Health Ministry, saw our visitors touring the Kinder Labz hive as well as other parts of the Bonanza Education learning zone, which also encompasses our splashing swim school, Aqua Labz, and language centre, Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (ILTI).


Spotted having a great time was father, Harvin Singh who was with his three-year-old daughter, Avleen Kaur.


“I’m looking to start Avleen in nursery when she turns four next year and Kinder Labz seems to be a great place for her.


“The environment here is safe and the classrooms are presentable. The lesson plans for children her age also seem to be fun and engaging. She was able to follow the activities that were set out,” said the proud father.


Also visiting Kinder Labz for the first time was Chong, who was looking at enrolling her child in pre-nursery next year.


“Kinder Labz is so spacious unlike those pre-schools and kindergartens that are based in houses. I’m really impressed by the facilities here and the fun and energy of the school.


“I would very much like my child to grow up in a school like this,” she said.


Inside the classrooms, the little ones had a go at math literacy, and science activities under the watchful eyes of our beekeepers. The children were also given a chance to showcase their broadcasting skills and try their hands at coding without the use of devices or screens at our newly set up MakerSpace room.


The day also saw our visitors take part in a variety of fun games to test their English vocabulary and memory as well as physical agility in order to collect 6 stamps in exchange for a variety of treats such as ice-cream, nuggets, biscuits and curry puffs.


Those who missed out on our Explorers’ Open Day, worry not. You can still visit Kinder Labz and take opportunity of our special offer of free administrative fees and free set of uniform when you register your child until the end of December. We’ll be more than happy to take you on a magical tour of our hive Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, and Saturday 9am – 12pm.


Alternatively, sign up your little one for our free Taster Tuesday classes where your child gets a firsthand experience of life at the hive. Give us a call / WhatsApp 010-6644 211 now.

Our little bees have graduated!

Great buzzing news! A total of 45 of our little bees graduated from Kinder Labz and received their certificates on Saturday, 27 November 2021, in a ceremony filled with lots of laughter, song and dance that they will cherish and remember in years to come.


Our graduating bees proved to be multi-talented when presenting a number of high energy performances before receiving their scrolls. At first, they demonstrated their musical talents in a percussion performance and the singing of Auld Lang Syne and the Thank You Song, before turning up the heat with their dance moves to Para Para Sakura, an Indian song and Dikir Puteri. Our Director of Education, Ms Evelyn Chen, and beekeepers did equally well when it came to showing off their Zumba steps.


In her speech, Ms Evelyn described our Kinder Labz bees as outstanding, amazing, and outspoken.


“Every child is precious and treated as our own. They deserve to be in a place that’s safe and happy in order to bloom and develop.


“We make sure every bee is treated with kindness at all times. No issue is too small – if a child faces any difficulty, we talk to our children,” she said.


The graduating bees also joined their parents on a tour of Kinder Labz’ Makerspace room where they got a taste of news broadcasting and robotics, as well as our sister language school, ILTI – Ipoh Learning & Training Institute, which celebrated its official opening on the same day.


We celebrated the end of a memorable morning with a lovely garden party next to our pool at the secret garden.


Like the buzz at Kinder Labz? Come join us on our Explorers’ Open Day on 11 December, 2021.


Register now at or call 010-6644 211 to book your appointment. We can’t wait to show you the hive!

Kinder Labz Explorers’ Open Day

It all starts here! Take flight and attend our Explorers’ Open Day to find out why we are the most buzzing kindergarten for 2-6 year olds in Ipoh. Visit Kinder Labz on Saturday, 11 December, from 9am – 2pm, at 4 Jalan Woodward, Ipoh, but first get your tickets at


Let us take you on a magical tour around the hive as you learn about life at the hive with our high energy international curriculum. Get a feel of the nurturing environment that your child will experience as a curious bee at Kinder Labz.



* Cambridge English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu

* Swimming lessons

* Makerspace

* Clean and safe hive

* Healthy eating canteen

* Medical bay

* Before & After School Club

* Free uniform and administration fee upon sign up


Register now! Visit or call/WhatsApp 010-6644 211 to book your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you and your little ones at Kinder Labz!

Ideas to keep your child buzzing indoors

With most of us safe indoors at the moment, we have asked our teachers to share some tips that’ll help keep you and your little ones buzzing throughout the days you spend together at home.



  1. Give your morning the buzz it needs



Bee Fit and Well!  What better way to start the morning than with a bit of exercise? After all, staying physically active benefits both the mind and body, and even helps tire us out a little bit! To make it even fun and interesting for your little ones, you could give Zumba a try.


There are plenty of videos that are perfect in giving your little one off to a buzzing start. Here’s one channel on YouTube that you could try, Zumba with Dovydas


If you prefer no screen time, just turn up your favourite playlist and dance together!



  1. Plan your meals ahead and get your little ones involved.



Spending more time at home gives you a chance to plan and prepare your meals in advance, let your little ones help. This is a great opportunity for them to learn about the different types of vegetables and protein that goes into the food they eat.


Get them as involved as you can; washing the veggies, stir and season the dishes and then tasting them. Not only would it help improve their motor skills and give them a sense of responsibility, this would also help boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.



  1. Practice good hygiene habits by making it fun.



When it comes to good hygiene habits, we all play an important role in setting good examples for the younger ones, and washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is one of them.


You could make this a family activity when you wash your hands together by singing an easy and memorable tune, like the one we’ve come up with, “Scrub your hands” – in the tune of “Row, row, row your boat”.


“Scrub, scrub, scrub your hands with a bit of soap. Between the fingers and your palm, don’t forget the top.”


Another habit that we often overlook is to cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue or if you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow.


To encourage this, you could give this a try. Cut off the toe part of a clean sock and create a “Germ Eating Monster.” Have your little ones wear it on his sleeve to feed the monster, who loves to eat germs, by coughing into his face. To add more fun to this, you can have your little one decorate his or her special Germ Eating Monster.


This way, not only do you get them to practice good hygiene habits but also have fun in the process.



  1. Plan engaging off-screen activities for your little ones


One good way to engage your little ones while they’re at home with you is through fun activities that doesn’t involve a screen, i.e., a phone, a tablet or even the TV. There are lots of fun activities you could do that would contribute to their learning journey as well.


For one, you could play simple English games such as “I spy with my little eye…” or you could even give them a bag, get them to collect items to tell a story that they know well. Activities like these would not only help them to practice their observation skills but also their speaking skills as well as their imagination.


Another you could try is creating a story room, find a comfy spot in your little ones’ room, stack up some pillow, put blankets over them to create the perfect environment to sit down and tell them fairy tales and stories.


Here’s one story that you could read with your little ones, to help them understand the current situation better.


My Hero is You – English


My Hero is You – Malay


This will give you a short break from work and at the same time keep the little ones buzzing in excitement.



Keep Buzzing!


Each child is different, with different passions and activities, we’ll keep checking in with all of our families on Zoom and we can’t wait to see you very soon. We know many of our parents are juggling working from home too. Simply take what you need, when you can,  while you stay safe and take care of your health… and remember to always wash your hands!

Sebahagian besar daripada kita selamat duduk di dalam rumah pada masa ini, kita telah meminta guru-guru kami untuk berkongsi beberapa tips yang akan membantu dan menjaga anak anda sepanjang hari anda untuk meluang masa bersama di rumah.



  1. Berikan hari pagi anda dengan buzz yang diperlukan.



Jadi sihat dan baik! Apa cara yang lebih baik untuk memulakan pagi selain dengan sedikit senaman? Lagipun, kekal aktif fizikal dengan baik memberi manfaat kepada minda dan badan, dan bahkan ia membantu badan kita berpeluh sedikit! Untuk membuat ia lebih menyeronokkan dan menarik untuk anak anda, anda boleh cuba berZumba.


Terdapat banyak video yang bersesuaian untuk anak berZumba. Berikut adalah satu saluran di YouTube yang anda boleh cuba, Zumba dengan dovydas


Jika anda tidak suka dengan masa skrin, anda boleh mainkan senarai lagu kegemaran anda dan menari bersama-sama!



  1. Libatkan anak anda dalam perancangan dan membuat makanan di rumah.



Luangkan lebih masa di rumah dengan memberi peluang untuk merancang dan menyediakan  makanan anda terlebih dahulu dan dibantu oleh anak kecil anda. Ini adalah peluang yang baik  untuk  mereka mempelajari tentang perbezaan jenis sayur-sayuran dan juga protein yang ada di dalam  makanan mereka.


Libatkan mereka sebanyak yang mungkin seperti mencuci sayur-sayuran, mencampur aduk perasa dan rempah makanan juga merasa makanan yang dibuat oleh mereka. Ia bukan sahaja membantu untuk membaiki kemahiran motor dan  tangggungjawab, ia juga membantu meningkatkan keyakinan diri dan harga diri.



3.Mengamalkan tabiat kebersihan yang baik dengan cara yang menyeronokkan.



Kita semua bermain peranan penting dalam kehidupan untuk memberi contoh yang baik kepada semua anak kecil, dengan mencuci tangan anda lebih kerap dengan menggunakan sabun dan air selama 20 saat adalah salah satu tabiat menjaga kebersihan.


Anda boleh membuat cara ini untuk  aktiviti keluarga anda apabila mencuci tangan bersama dengna menyanyikan lagu yang senang diingati seperti lagu yang selalu kita semua menyanyi “Scrub your hands” dengan ton lagu “Row, row, row your boat”,


“Scrub, scrub, scrub your hands with a bit of soap. Between the fingers and your palm, don’t forget the top”.


Satu lagi tabiat yang kita selalu terlepas pandang adalah menutup mulut dan hidung ketika bersin dan batuk menggunakan tisu. Jika anda tidak mempunyai  tisu, anda boleh bersin atau batuk di bahagian siku anda.


Untuk menggalakkan ini, anda bolehlah cuba. Potong bahagian jari kaki pada stoking anda dan reka “Germ Eating Monster”. Berikan stoking itu pada anak anda dengan menyarungnya di bahagian lengan untuk memberi makan  kepada raksasa yang suka makan kuman dengan batuk di permukaan mukanya. Untuk menambahkan lagi  keseronokkan  ini, anda boleh menyuruh anak anda menghias stoking “Germ Eating Monster” ini.


Dengan cara ini, ia bukan sahaja dapat mengamalkan tabiat kebersihan tetapi juga dapat meluang masa dengan penuh keseronokkan dalam aktiviti ini.



  1. Merancang aktiviti yang tidak melibatkan skrin untuk si kecil anda



Salah satu cara untuk melibatkan anak apabila berada di rumah adalah dengan cara aktiviti-aktiviti menyeronokkan yang tidak melibatkan skrin seperti telefon  bimbit, tab ataupun televisyen. Terdapat banyak aktiviti yang seronok yang anda boleh menyumbang di dalam pelajaran mereka.


Salah satunya, anda boleh bermain dan mengajar permainan dalam Bahasa inggeris seperti “I spy with my little eye…” atau anda boleh memberi beg kepada mereka dan menyuruh mereka untuk kutip barang-barang untuk  bercerita. Aktiviti seperti ini bukan  sahaja dapat melatihkan kemahiran  pemerhatian mereka tetapi kemahiran  cara  percakapan dengan  menggunakan imaginasi mereka.


Cara lain yang anda boleh cuba adalah dengan mencari satu tempat yang selesa di dalam bilik anak anda dengan menyusun bantal-bantal dan menutup bantal dengan menggunakan selimut untuk  menjadi satu suasana yang sesuai untuk membaca cerita dan cerita dongeng.


Link yang dibawah mengandungi sebuah cerita yang anda boleh membaca bersama dengan anak-anak anda untuk berkongsi bersama mereka keadaan masa kini.



My Hero is You – English


My Hero is You – Malay


Semua ini memberi anda masa untuk berehat dari tempat kerja anda tetapi pada masa yang sama dapat meluang masa bersama anak anda.



Buzz dengan lebih!


Setiap kanak-kanak adalah berbeza, dengan semangat yang berlainan juga perbezaan  minat dalam aktiviti, kami  akan sentiasa pantau kanak-kanak juga keluarga dari Kinder Labz melalui Zoom dan kami  tidak sabar untuk  berjumpa dengan anda tidak lama lagi. Berilah apa yang anda perlu selagi boleh untuk berasa selamat dan jaga kesihatan anda…. Jangan lupa untuk membasuh tangan anda dengan lebih kerap!



  1. 让你的早晨充满活力





推荐你一些非常适合让你跟你孩子一起进行的影片。这里有一个YouTube的频道你们可以看看。 Zumba with Dovydas





  1. 计划接下来的餐饮菜单并让你的孩子们参与在其中吧!






  1. 使用有趣的方法来培养良好的卫生习惯





你可以让这变成家庭活动,当你们一起洗手时可以唱一些简单又容易记住的歌曲,例如,“擦洗你的小手”-用“Row, row, row your boat”的音调。


“擦洗, 擦洗, 擦洗你的小手加上一点的肥皂,在手指和你的掌心上,不要忘记还有你的小手背”




鼓励大家一起实行。剪掉袜子趾头的部分并制作“Germ Eating Monster”。让你的孩子戴在袖子上,通过咳嗽的方式喂养“喜欢吃细菌的怪物”。以为此增添欢乐,你可以让你的孩子装饰他或她特别的“Germ Eating Monster”





  1. 为你孩子准备一些没有涉及电子产品的活动吧





第一,你可以来一些简单的英语游戏例如“I spy with my little eye…”又或者你可以给他们一个书包,要求他们把一些东西放进去然后讲一个他们熟悉的故事。像这样的活动不仅能够培养他们的观察能力,也能够提升他们的口语能力和想象力。






My Hero is You – English


My Hero is You – Malay







Important Announcement

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Re. Kinder Labz closed from Wednesday, 18 March and reopens on Wednesday 1 April 2020.


As per the directive issued by the Prime Minister of Malaysia following the increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia, along with growing concerns in our community, Kinder Labz will be closed from Wednesday, 18 March and we will reopen on Wednesday, 1 April, 2020.


We have prepared printed materials for your child(ren) to do in the comfort of your own homes so learning can continue. During this time we will be communicating with our community via email, please contact if you have not provided us with your email address.


Our admin office will be open during this time and will be able to provide assistance where needed. You can reach the office on 05-2428661 or WhatsApp 0106644211.


We urge that you practice good personal hygiene, wash your hands frequently, sanitise and remain home if you are unwell to mitigate the spread of this virus.


All students, parents and staff returning from overseas trip or any large gatherings of any sort are advised to fill in the declaration form (available from reception or to download).


This is a fast-changing situation, we will continue to update you and listen to the Ministry of Health to ensure we navigate these challenging circumstances with everyone’s health and wellbeing as our top priority.


Yours sincerely



Evelyn Chen
Director of Education
Bonanza Educare Sdn Bhd

Kepada Ibu Bapa dan Penjaga,


Perkara: Penutupan Sementara Bermula 18 Mac 2020, Dibuka semula pada 1 April 2020.

Mengikut arahan yang dikeluarkan oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia mengenai peningkatan kes COVID-19 di Malaysia dan kebimbangan yang semakin meningkat dalam komuniti kami, Kinder Labz akan ditutup dari Rabu, 18 Mac 2020 dan kami akan membuka semula pada hari Rabu, 1 April 2020.


Kami telah menyediakan cetakkan bahan pembelajaran untuk anak-anak anda belajar di rumah. Untuk sementara waktu ini, kami akan berkomunikasi dengan komuniti kami melalui e-mel. Sila menghubungi jika anda belum memberikan alamat e-mel anda kepada kami.


Pejabat pengurusan kami akan dibuka dalam waktu ini dan anda boleh mendapatkan bantuan jika anda memerlukannya. Anda boleh berhubung dengan pejabat pengurusan kami di talian 05-242 8661 atau WhatsApp 0106644211.


Kami menggesa anda supaya mengamalkan kebersihan diri yang baik, mencuci tangan anda dengan kerap, dan tinggal di rumah jika anda tidak sihat untuk mengurangkan penyebaran virus ini.


Semua pelajar, ibu bapa serta kakitangan yang baru pulang dari luar negara atau kepada mana-mana individu yang ada mengikuti sebarang majlis keramaian, dinasihatkan untuk mengisi borang deklarasi (boleh didapati di pejabat pengurusan atau muat turun).


Keadaan ini cepat berubah dan pihak kami akan sentiasa menyampaikan maklumat terkini kepada anda serta peka dengan arahan yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan untuk memastikan keadaan kesihatan semua pihak akan sentiasa terjamin.

Yang ikhlas,



Evelyn Chen

Pengarah Pendidikan

Bonanza Educare Sdn Bhd



Kinder Labz318日星期三关闭,并于202041日星期三重新开放。


根据马来西亚首相发布的指令,由于在马来西亚COVID-19病例人数的增加,引起了社会广泛关注。Kinder Labz决定从3月18日(星期三)关闭,并于4月1日(星期三)重新开放。




此外,行政照常办公。如需帮助,请致电 05-2428661 或WhatsApp 0106644211 。









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