The learning continues at the hive

Dear Parents and Guardians,


It has been a busy week at the hive with a successful Graduation Ceremony last Saturday and our Explorers’ Open Day coming up on Saturday, 11 December, 2021. Both our little bees and beekeepers are busy making preparations to welcome new friends and families to the hive during the open day.


Preparations aside, our bees are still focused on their studies. Our Pre-Nursery bees have been practising their fine motor skills by using clothes pins to grip pom poms and transfer them onto palettes in a Colour Sorting activity. It was a work out for their hand eye coordination while helping to develop their strength of finger grip and concentration.


Meanwhile, our Nursery bees had a Show and Tell session, picking their favourite farm animal and telling their friends all about their characteristics. Not only did they manage to enhance their speaking skills but also their confidence.


Over on the other side of the hive, our K1 bees had a great time creating patterns using coloured unifix cubes, arranging the cubes according to colour arrangement in their Math activity. Not long into the exercise, they were able to predict what colour came next.


Our Explorers’ Open Day will take place from 9am to 2pm on 11 December. Bring a friend and share the buzz at Kinder Labz with them. There will be tours around the hive with lot of fun games and activities in store for little ones, as well as special sign up offers. Take care and see you there!

Wahai para Ibubapa dan Penjaga,


Minggu yang sibuk di sarang dengan kejayaan Majlis Graduasi pada Sabtu lalu dan kini Hari Terbuka Explorer yang akan datang pada hari Sabtu, 11 Disember, 2021. Kedua-dua lebah kecil dan guru sedang sibuk membuat persiapan untuk menyambut rakan dan keluarga baru ke sarang semasa Hari Terbuka nanti.


Walaupun persiapan sedang berjalan, lebah kecil masih fokus pada pelajaran mereka. Lebah kecil Pre-Nursery kami mengasah kemahiran motor halus mereka dengan menggunakan pin pakaian untuk mengikat pom pom dan memindahkannya ke palet dalam aktiviti Teka Warna. Ia adalah untuk melatih koordinasi mata dan tangan mereka sambil membantu melatih kekuatan cengkaman dan tumpuan jari mereka.


Sementara itu, lebah Nursery kami mengadakan sesi Kongsi dan Cerita, dengan memilih tema haiwan kegemaran mereka dan memberitahu rakan-rakan mereka tentang ciri-ciri mereka. Bukan sahaja mereka berjaya mengasah kemahiran bercakap tetapi juga meningkatkan keyakinan mereka.


Di bahagian sarang yang lain, lebah K1 kami seronok mencipta corak menggunakan kiub unifiks berwarna, sambil menyusun kiub mengikut susunan warna dalam aktiviti Matematik mereka. Tidak mengambil masa yang lama, mereka dapat meramalkan warna apa yang bakal digunakan.


Hari Terbuka Explorers kami bermula dari 9 pagi hingga 2 petang pada 11 Disember. Bawa rakan dan kongsi kemeriahan di Kinder Labz dengan mereka. Terdapat juga lawatan di sekitar sarang dengan banyak permainan dan aktiviti yang menyeronokkan disediakan untuk anak-anak kecil, serta tawaran istimewa bagi pendaftaran baru pada hari tersebut. Kekal selamat dan jumpa anda di sana!



我们的蜂巢度过了忙碌的一周,上周六成功了举办毕业典礼,而我们的探索者开放日在 2021 年 12 月 11 日(星期六)也即将到来。我们的小蜜蜂和教师们都在忙着准备迎接新朋友和家人们来到蜂巢的开放日。






在蜂巢的另一边,我们幼一班的蜜蜂玩得很开心,他们使用彩色 “unifix” 立方体来创建图案,根据数学活动所提供的颜色排列来排列立方体。练习不久后,他们就能够预测接下来要出现的颜色。


我们的探索者开放日将在 12 月 11 日早上 9 点至下午 2 点举行。带上一位朋友,与他们分享关于 Kinder Labz。当天可以在蜂巢周围进行参观,还为孩子们提供许多有趣的游戏和活动,以及特别的注册优惠。保重,我们到时见!

Our little bees have graduated!

Great buzzing news! A total of 45 of our little bees graduated from Kinder Labz and received their certificates on Saturday, 27 November 2021, in a ceremony filled with lots of laughter, song and dance that they will cherish and remember in years to come.


Our graduating bees proved to be multi-talented when presenting a number of high energy performances before receiving their scrolls. At first, they demonstrated their musical talents in a percussion performance and the singing of Auld Lang Syne and the Thank You Song, before turning up the heat with their dance moves to Para Para Sakura, an Indian song and Dikir Puteri. Our Director of Education, Ms Evelyn Chen, and beekeepers did equally well when it came to showing off their Zumba steps.


In her speech, Ms Evelyn described our Kinder Labz bees as outstanding, amazing, and outspoken.


“Every child is precious and treated as our own. They deserve to be in a place that’s safe and happy in order to bloom and develop.


“We make sure every bee is treated with kindness at all times. No issue is too small – if a child faces any difficulty, we talk to our children,” she said.


The graduating bees also joined their parents on a tour of Kinder Labz’ Makerspace room where they got a taste of news broadcasting and robotics, as well as our sister language school, ILTI – Ipoh Learning & Training Institute, which celebrated its official opening on the same day.


We celebrated the end of a memorable morning with a lovely garden party next to our pool at the secret garden.


Like the buzz at Kinder Labz? Come join us on our Explorers’ Open Day on 11 December, 2021.


Register now at or call 010-6644 211 to book your appointment. We can’t wait to show you the hive!

Look Ma, I’m painting with my fingers!

Our Pre-Nursery bees put their tiny fingers to good use during their Finger Printing Art session this week. Using their fingerprints, they formed leaves for the trees they painted, making beautiful portraits in the process. This activity helped improve the little bees’ fine motor skills as they strengthened their finger and hand muscles while fingerprinting.


Meanwhile, our Nursery bees had a buzzing time telling the story about The Elephant and Friends during a Puppet Play. Acting out the characters of the elephant, monkey and rabbit, they brought the story to life while improving their dexterity and fine motor coordination as they manipulated the puppets.


On the other side of the hive, our K1 bees were serious at work learning to add. Using counters to represent addition and actions, the bees further understood the concept of adding while learning the basic definitions of add, total, sum, and equal.


We would also like to call on you to spread the joys of learning at Kinder Labz by inviting your friends to our Explorers’ Open Day on Sat, 11 December, 9am to 2pm. There will be art and craft, and percussion sessions, an augmented reality (AR) demonstration at our brand new Makerspace room, as well as special sign up offers.


Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Lebah–lebah dari Pre–Nursery telah membuat capan jari membentuk daun pokok. Aktiviti ini secara tidak langsung membantu memperkukuhkan kemahiran motor mereka di samping menambah kreativiti mereka.


Lebah–lebah Nursery pula telah mengadakan sesi bercerita menggunakan boneka tangan seperti monyet, arnab, dan gajah untuk merealisasikan cerita bertajuk “Elephant and Friends”.


Bagi lebah–lebah di K1 pula, mereka sibuk belajar kemahiran menambah dengan menggunakan manik dan butang untuk memperkukuhkan lagi pemahaman matematik mereka.


Kami juga mengambil peluang ini untuk menjemput anda serta kawan–kawan anda ke Hari Terbuka Explorers kami pada hari Sabtu, 11 Disember, bermula 9 pagi hingga 2 petang. Terdapat sesi kraftangan dan pelbagai permainan di samping tawaran yang menarik apabila anda mendaftar anak anda di Kinder Labz.


Sehingga bertemu lagi, ceria–ceria selalu.







我们想呼吁您在 12 月 11 日(星期六)早上9 点至下午 2 点可邀请您的朋友参与我们的探索开放日,从而传播在Kinder Labz里学习的乐趣。我们将在全新的Makerspace房间进行的活动有手工艺品、打击乐器、增强现实 (AR) 演示以及特别注册优惠。



Kinder Labz Explorers’ Open Day

It all starts here! Take flight and attend our Explorers’ Open Day to find out why we are the most buzzing kindergarten for 2-6 year olds in Ipoh. Visit Kinder Labz on Saturday, 11 December, from 9am – 2pm, at 4 Jalan Woodward, Ipoh, but first get your tickets at


Let us take you on a magical tour around the hive as you learn about life at the hive with our high energy international curriculum. Get a feel of the nurturing environment that your child will experience as a curious bee at Kinder Labz.



* Cambridge English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu

* Swimming lessons

* Makerspace

* Clean and safe hive

* Healthy eating canteen

* Medical bay

* Before & After School Club

* Free uniform and administration fee upon sign up


Register now! Visit or call/WhatsApp 010-6644 211 to book your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you and your little ones at Kinder Labz!

A week of learning about shapes and different cultures.

Dear Parents and Guardians,


This week our little bees in Pre-Nursery had a ball of a time practising their hand-eye coordination skills by attempting to drop a ball through a hole in a tray. It was real fun to see our little bees getting excited when the ball successfully dropped through the hole.


On the other side of the hive, our curious K1 bees buzzed on with shapes as they learned to identify shapes such as cones, cuboids, cylinders and pyramids. Learning that each shape has different number of faces, vertices and edges, this lesson on shapes helped them identify and organise visual information.


“Saya pakai baju kurung, kamu pakai cheong sam, dia pakai jeepa”

Said our buzzing bees in K2 when learning about the different cultures and traditions in Malaysia as they dressed in their traditional costumes. This activity helped our little learners to “Bee Diverse” while promoting cross cultural understanding.


Meanwhile, our K2 bees will be celebrating the first milestone in their education life as they graduate from Kinder Labz on 27 November 2021. To begin at 8am, the graduation ceremony will be held at 4, Jalan Woodward, in conjunction with the official opening of our sister language centre, Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (ILTI) by Deputy Education Minister I, Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon.


Thank you and have a good weekend.

Wahai para Ibubapa dan Penjaga,


Minggu ini lebah kecil kami di Pre- Nursery mengasah kemahiran koordinasi tangan dan mata mereka dengan cuba memasukkan bola melalui lubang dari dalam dulang. Lebah-lebah kecil kami kelihatan teruja apabila bola berjaya jatuh ke dalam lubang.


Bersebelahan sarang, lebah K1 kami yang ingin tahu tentang jenis bentuk semasa mereka belajar mengenal pasti bentuk seperti kon, kuboid, silinder dan piramid. Dengan mempelajari bahawa setiap bentuk mempunyai bilangan muka, bucu dan sudut yang berbeza, pelajaran tentang bentuk ini membantu mereka mengenal pasti dan menyusun maklumat visual.


“Saya pakai baju kurung, kamu pakai cheong sam, dia pakai jeepa”

Kata lebah kami di K2 yang teruja apabila mempelajari tentang budaya dan tradisi yang berbeza di Malaysia semasa mereka memakai pakaian tradisional mereka. Aktiviti ini membantu pelajar kecil kami untuk “Bee Diverse” sambil mempromosikan silang antara budaya.


Sementara itu, lebah K2 kami akan meraikan kejayaan pertama dalam sejarah pendidikan mereka apabila mereka menamatkan pengajian dari Kinder Labz pada 27 November 2021. Bermula pada jam 8 pagi, majlis graduasi akan diadakan di 4, Jalan Woodward, bersempena dengan pembukaan rasmi pusat bahasa kami, Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (ILTI) oleh Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan I, Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon.


Terima kasih dan selamat berhujung minggu.







“Saya pakai baju kurung、kamu pakai cheong sam、dia pakai jeepa”



与此同时,我们幼二班的蜜蜂将于 2021 年 11 月 27 日在Kinder Labz毕业,庆祝他们教育生涯的第一个里程碑。此毕业典礼将在上午 8 点开始,在 4, Jalan Woodward举行,同时正式开幕我们的语言中心,怡保学习与培训中心 (ILTI),将有第一副教育部长拿督马汉顺医生参与。



A splashing good time in the water!

Dear Families,


Our Pre-Nursery bees had a fun game on colours, learning to identify colours by throwing a ball into the part of the egg carton with the right colours. This activity not only enhances the children’s recognition of colours but improves their hand and eye coordination.


In our Mandarin lesson for our K1 class, our little bees learned to use the basic Chinese strokes to form words and to count the number of strokes used in each word through a matching activity. By matching the words to the correct pictures, they learned the formation of Chinese words.


Meanwhile, swimming classes at Aqualabz have commenced, much to the excitement of our little bees. With guidance from their coaches, the little bees first learned how to get into the pool properly before learning how to breathe underwater. Aqualabz is our swim school for children aged 4 and above during school hours. Those wishing to sign up can WhatsApp us at 010-6644 211.


We wish everyone a great weekend. Stay safe.

Kehadapan keluarga tersayang,


Lebah Pre-Nursery kami sedang bermain permainan yang menyeronokkan tentang warna, belajar mengenal pasti warna dengan membaling bola ke dalam bahagian kotak telur mengikut warna yang betul. Aktiviti ini bukan sahaja mengasah kemahiran pengecaman warna kanak-kanak tetapi meningkatkan koordinasi tangan dan mata mereka.


Dalam kelas Mandarin kelas K1 kami, lebah kecil kami belajar menggunakan karakter Cina untuk membentuk perkataan dan mengira bilangan garisan yang digunakan dalam setiap perkataan melalui aktiviti padanan. Dengan memadankan perkataan dengan gambar yang betul, mereka mempelajari bagaimana untuk membentuk karakter Cina.


Sementara itu, kelas renang di Aqualabz yang kini telah bermula, sangat menggembirakan lebah kecil kami. Dengan bimbingan daripada jurulatih mereka, lebah-lebah kecil memulakan pelajaran dengan cara masuk ke dalam kolam dengan betul sebelum belajar cara bernafas di dalam air. Aqualabz ialah sekolah renang kami untuk kanak-kanak berumur 4 tahun ke atas semasa waktu persekolahan. Mereka yang ingin mendaftar boleh menghubungi kami menerusi WhatsApp di talian 010-6644 211.


Semoga hujung minggu anda indah dan menyeronokkan. Kekal selamat.







与此同时,Aqualabz 的游泳课也已经开始,这让我们的小蜜蜂们感到兴奋不已。在教练的指导下,小蜜蜂们先学会了如何正确地进入游泳池,然后再学习如何在水下呼吸。 Aqualabz 是我们在上课的时间为 4 岁以及以上的儿童开设的游泳学校。有意报名者可致电 010-6644 211 WhatsApp 我们。



It’s Halloween at the hive!

Dear Families,


‘Slice, slice, the bread looks nice. Spread, spread, chocolate on the bread.’

Our Pre-Nursery bees had their hands full creating ‘bear sandwiches’ with bread and Nutella this week. The sandwiches looked so good that our little bees couldn’t wait to take big bites of it as their morning breakfast.


‘When we combine da and du, it becomes dadu.’

Our Nursery bees learned to identify the sounds of consonants and vowels before joining them to form words during their suku kata lesson in Bahasa Melayu. From there, the bees were able to match words correctly to pictures.


‘I wish to purchase two packets of noodles and a loaf of bread, please.’

Our K2 bees made pretend they were buying groceries in a role play to practise using money. Taking turns to be shoppers and shop assistants, they learned to use money vocabulary while practising their counting skills when purchasing and selling items like noodles, eggs, sugar, and biscuits. The little bees had to total up the purchases and calculate the change.


The little bees had a buzzing end to the week as we celebrated Halloween and Children’s Day at the hive. Dressed up in Halloween costumes to mark the occasion, our little ones were given ice-cream and other delicious treats.


We wish all parents and guardians a Happy Deepavali and may The Festival of Lights bring happiness and joy to you and your family.

Wahai keluarga yang disayangi,


‘Hiris dan hiris, roti ini tampak sedap. Sapukan, sapukan, coklat pada roti.’

Lebah Pre-Nursery kami sepenuh hati mencipta ‘sandwic’ dengan roti dan Nutella minggu ini. Sandwic kelihatan sangat enak sehingga lebah kecil kami tidak sabar untuk mengambil gigitan besar sarapan pagi mereka kali ini.


‘Apabila kita menggabungkan da dan du, ia menjadi dadu.’

Lebah kecil Nursery kami sedang belajar mengenal pasti bunyi konsonan dan vokal sebelum mengabungkan mereka dan membentuk perkataan semasa pelajaran suku kata mereka dalam Bahasa Melayu. Dari situ, lebah kecil dapat memadankan perkataan sesuai dengan gambar.


‘Saya ingin membeli dua bungkus mi dan sebuku roti.’

Lebah kecil K2 kami berpura-pura membeli barangan runcit dalam permainan di pasaraya olok-olok untuk berlatih menggunakan wang dengan betul. Mereka mengambil giliran menjadi pembeli dan pembantu kedai, mereka dapat belajar menggunakan perbendaharaan matawang sambil mempraktikkan kemahiran mengira semasa menjual dan membeli barangan seperti mi, telur, gula dan biskut. Lebah-lebah kecil akan menjumlahkan pembelian dan mengira baki yang perlu dikembalikan.


Lebah-lebah kecil kami menghabiskan masa di penghujung minggu yang meriah kerana kami menyambut Halloween dan Hari Kanak-kanak di sarang. Berpakaian kostum Halloween sesuai dengan tema, lebah kecil kami diberi ais krim dan hidangan lazat yang lain.


Kami mengucapkan Selamat Menyambut Hari Deepavali kepada semua ibubapa dan penjaga dan semoga pesta cahaya ini membawa kegembiraan dan kebahagiaan kepada anda dan keluarga anda.




本周,我们幼儿预备班的小蜜蜂们忙着用面包和果仁巧克力制作 “小熊三明治”。作为我们的小蜜蜂的早餐,三明治看起来非常好吃,我们的小蜜蜂迫不及待地大口大口地吃起来。


“当我们把da和du结合起来,就变成了dadu。 ”

在马来语的suku kata课程中,我们的幼儿班小蜜蜂学会了辨别辅音和元音的声音,然后再把它们连接起来组成单词。从中,蜜蜂们能够正确地将单词与图片配对。


“我想买两包面条和一条面包,谢谢。 ”






best kindergarten and nursery in ipoh

A week of shadows, plants, and showing gratitude

Dear Families,


‘I love playing with shadows!’

Children learn best through play. Our Pre-Nursery bees experimented with shadow play by using toys and various angles to create different types of shadows, much to the fascination of all. Part of the lesson also involved using appropriate vocabulary to describe the shapes and sizes of the shadows. To conclude the activity, they did some Shadow Art by tracing the outlines of the shadows with pencils.


Meanwhile, our K1 bees had fun eating with their hands. “Mmmm, the food tastes better,” they exclaimed after feasting on pandan jelly served on cut out banana leaves. The eating with hands was part of a Science lesson on the various parts of plants, in which they learned to identify the characteristics, function and use of different parts of plants. Our little bees learned that plants need sunlight, water and air to survive. They were also introduced to plants that produce aromatic tastes in food and flowers that give out natural colour. To round off their lesson, they had a taste of the blue pea flower drink, which when added with lemon juice turns purple.


‘Thank you for being my friend.’

Our K2 bees were elated upon seeing this message from their classmates. Each child was encouraged to write a note to a friend to express his or her gratitude for the friendship or kindness towards one another during their Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) activity, which is essential in the children’s understanding and development of social and personal behaviours.


We wish our parents and guardians a safe and happy weekend.

Keluarga yang disayangi,


‘Saya suka bermain dengan bayang-bayang!’

Kanak-kanak belajar dengan baik melalui permainan. Lebah kecil di Pra-Nursery kami bereksperimen dengan bayang-bayang dengan menggunakan mainan dan pelbagai sudut untuk membentuk pelbagai jenis bayang-bayang. Sebahagian pelajaran juga melibatkan penggunaan perbendaharaan kata yang sesuai dalam menerangkan bentuk dan ukuran bayang-bayang. Untuk mengakhiri aktiviti, mereka melakukan beberapa Seni Bayangan dengan membuat garis besar bayang-bayang menggunakan pensil.


Sementara itu, lebah kecil K1 kami seronok menggunakan tangan mereka untuk makan. “Mmmm, ternyata makanannya lebih enak begini,” ujar mereka setelah menikmati jeli pandan yang disajikan atas daun pisang. Makan dengan tangan adalah sebahagian daripada matapelajaran Sains mengenai pelbagai jenis tanaman, di mana mereka belajar mengenal pasti ciri, fungsi dan kegunaan bahagian tumbuhan yang berbeza. Lebah kecil kami kini tahu bahawa setiap tumbuhan memerlukan cahaya matahari, air dan udara untuk bertahan. Mereka juga dikenalkan dengan tanaman yang menghasilkan rasa yang aromatik dalam makanan dan bunga yang menghasilkan warna semulajadi. Untuk mengakhiri pelajaran mereka, mereka berpeluang mencuba minuman bunga telang, yang apabila ditambah dengan jus lemon berubah menjadi ungu.


‘Terima kasih kerana menjadi sahabat saya.’

Lebah kecil K2 kami gembira apabila mendapat kata-kata ini dari rakan sekelas mereka. Setiap kanak-kanak digalakkan untuk menulis sedikit ucapan kepada rakan untuk menyatakan rasa terima kasih atas persahabatan atau kebaikan antara satu sama lain semasa aktiviti Peribadi, Sosial, Kesihatan dan Ekonomi (PSHE) mereka. Aktiviti ini amat penting dalam pemahaman dan perkembangan sosial anak-anak dan tingkah laku peribadi mereka.


Semoga para ibubapa dan penjaga menikmati minggu yang indah dan bermakna.






与此同时,我们幼一班的蜜蜂用手吃得很开心。 他们享用已切好的香蕉叶盛放着班兰果冻大餐后直呼, “嗯,食物的味道更好了!”用手吃饭是科学课里关于植物各部位的其中一部分,他们学会了识别植物各部位的特征、功能和用途。我们的小蜜蜂还了解到植物需要阳光、水和空气才能生存。它们还被引入到食物和花朵中产生芳香味道的植物,这些植物散发出自然的色彩。作为那节课程的结尾,他们品尝了蝶豆花饮料,加入柠檬汁后饮料变成了紫色。



我们幼二班的蜜蜂看到同学们发来的这条消息后,感到兴高采烈。鼓励每个孩子给朋友写一张纸条,以表达他或她在个人、社会、健康和情绪 (PSHE) 活动中对彼此的友谊和善意以及感激之情,这对于孩子们在理解和发展社交和个人行为至关重要。



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A week that was all about lions and sounds

Dear Families,


‘I’m the King of the Jungle, hear me roar…’

Our Pre-Nursery bees happily pretended to be majestic lions when they tried on the lion headwear they had made earlier. As the theme of learning is on Wild Animals this term, our little bees are being introduced to one wild animal each week. The little bees had an even more interesting and educational discussion with their beekeeper on the characteristics, habitat, and food preference of this beast. To round up the lesson, the children were read the story of The Lion and the Mouse.


‘Which side of the table has more dinosaurs?’

This week’s lesson on numeracy for our Nursery bees was about ‘more’ or ‘less’. Using dinosaurs to help them count, the little bees were able to confidently identify how many were in each group and which had more and which had less.


‘I can hear water gushing from the tap.’

Our K2 bees had a Science assignment this week. They were required to stop and really listen to sounds at different spots around the school. They also had to observe and identify the source of the sounds. They took a walk around the school, stopping along the corridor, making a stop at the washroom and visiting the garden. They could hear a teacher teaching from outside the classroom door and the water being flushed in the toilet. When in the garden, they heard birds chirping and the soft sounds of the wing blowing. They also compared the sound of the school van door being closed with its engine still running before documenting all the sounds and concluding that both living things and non-living things produce sounds.


Wishing all parents a buzzing and safe weekend.

Kehadapan keluarga yang dikasihi,


‘Akulah Raja Rimba, dengarlah ngauman ku ini…’

Lebah-lebah Pre-Nursery kami seronok berpura-pura menjadi singa menggunakan hiasan dikepala berbentuk singa yang dibuat oleh mereka. Mengangkat tema haiwan liar, kami memperkenalkan lebah-lebah kecil kami kepada jenis-jenis haiwan liar yang berbeza setiap minggu. Lebah-lebah kecil kami kini lebih tertarik untuk mengetahui lebih banyak bersama guru mereka tentang karakter, habitat dan pola pemakanan si gagah ini. Untuk mengakhiri pelajaran kali ini, mereka diceritakan tentang kisah Si Singa dan Si Tikus.


‘Bahagian meja yang mana mempunyai lebih dinosaur?’

Pelajaran minggu ini berkaitan nombor untuk lebah-lebah kecil Nursery adalah tentang ‘lebih’ atau ‘kurang’. Menggunakan dinosaur untuk membantu mereka mengira, lebah kecil kini boleh mengetahui berapa banyak di setiap kumpulan adakah ianya mempunyai jumlah yang lebih dan yang mana mempunyai jumlah yang kurang.


‘Saya boleh mendengar air menderu keluar dari pili air.’

Lebah kecil K2 kami mempunyai tugasan Sains minggu ini. Mereka perlu mendengar bunyi-bunyian di beberapa tempat di kawasan sekolah. Mereka juga harus memerhatikan dan mengenalpasti sumber bunyi berkenaan. Mereka berjalan di sekitar sekolah, berhenti di sepanjang koridor, berhenti sebentar di tandas dan melawat kebun. Mereka dapat mendengar suara guru mengajar dari luar pintu kelas dan bunyi air yang disiram di tandas. Apabila berada di kebun pula, mereka mendengar bunyi kicauan burung dan bunyi angin yang menderu nyaman. Mereka juga membuat perbandingan bunyi pintu van sekolah ditutup dengan enjin yang masih hidup sebelum merekodkan semua bunyi yang didengari yang mana satu hasil bunyi dari benda yang hidup atau yang tidak hidup


Kami harap para ibubapa menikmati hujung minggu yang selamat dan santai.







本周,我们幼儿班的小蜜蜂的算术课是关于 “多 “或 “少”。利用恐龙来帮助他们计数,小蜜蜂们能够自信地确定每组有多少只,哪组多,哪组少。






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A week of exploring the sciences for our little bees

Dear Families,


‘I have a little nose and I have a little chin.’

Our Pre-Nursery bees went on a sensory exploration this week. They couldn’t keep their noses off the coffee powder and perfume as they tried guessing the two smells correctly. This activity further encouraged the little bees to develop their observation and comparison skills.


‘There’s a tornado coming my way.’

Our curious Nursery bees were thrilled to find out that they could create mini tornadoes in bottles. Filling a bottle with water, liquid soap and glitter, the bees shook the bottle and viola, a mini tornado was created. From this science experiment, the bees discovered that a whirlpool is created when you move the liquid rapidly in circular motion.


It’s not too young to learn to start saving. Our K2 bees embarked on their first step in getting ready for a rainy day by creating personalised coin boxes from discarded milk cartons in their art project this week. The adventurous bees put their creativity to the test as they had fun decorating the cartons and it won’t be long before our bees start saving.


Wishing all parents and guardians a safe and happy weekend.

Keluarga yang disayangi,


‘Saya mempunyai hidung comel dan dagu kecil.’

Lebah-lebah Pre-Nursery kami melakukan eksplorasi deria minggu ini. Mereka tidak dapat menahan hidung mereka dari menghidu serbuk kopi dan minyak wangi ketika cuba meneka kedua bau itu dengan betul. Aktiviti ini juga mendorong lebah-lebah kecil untuk mengembangkan kemahiran pemerhatian dan perbandingan mereka.


‘Ada angin puting beliung yang datang.’

Lebah-lebah Nursery kami sangat gembira apabila mengetahui bahawa mereka boleh membuat puting beliung dari dalam botol. Dengan mengisi sebotol dengan air, sabun cair dan berkilau, lebah menggoncang botol. Maka, puting beliung mini telah tercipta. Daripada eksperimen sains ini, lebah-lebah kecil mendapati bahawa pusaran air dihasilkan ketika anda menggerakkan cecair dengan cepat dalam membuat gerakan membulat.


Masih tidak terlambat untuk belajar menyimpan. Lebah-lebah K2 kami memulakan langkah pertama mereka untuk bersiap sedia menghadapi hari yang sulit dengan membuat kotak duit syiling daripada kotak kadbod susu terbuang dalam projek seni mereka minggu ini. Lebah-lebah kecil kini sedang menguji kreativiti mereka dalam menghias kadbod berkenaan dan tidak lama kemudian lebah kami sudah boleh mula menyimpan.


Semoga kesemua ibu bapa dan penjaga dapat menjalani hujung minggu yang selamat dengan penuh gembira.












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