Our little bees have graduated!

Great buzzing news! A total of 45 of our little bees graduated from Kinder Labz and received their certificates on Saturday, 27 November 2021, in a ceremony filled with lots of laughter, song and dance that they will cherish and remember in years to come.


Our graduating bees proved to be multi-talented when presenting a number of high energy performances before receiving their scrolls. At first, they demonstrated their musical talents in a percussion performance and the singing of Auld Lang Syne and the Thank You Song, before turning up the heat with their dance moves to Para Para Sakura, an Indian song and Dikir Puteri. Our Director of Education, Ms Evelyn Chen, and beekeepers did equally well when it came to showing off their Zumba steps.


In her speech, Ms Evelyn described our Kinder Labz bees as outstanding, amazing, and outspoken.


“Every child is precious and treated as our own. They deserve to be in a place that’s safe and happy in order to bloom and develop.


“We make sure every bee is treated with kindness at all times. No issue is too small – if a child faces any difficulty, we talk to our children,” she said.


The graduating bees also joined their parents on a tour of Kinder Labz’ Makerspace room where they got a taste of news broadcasting and robotics, as well as our sister language school, ILTI – Ipoh Learning & Training Institute, which celebrated its official opening on the same day.


We celebrated the end of a memorable morning with a lovely garden party next to our pool at the secret garden.


Like the buzz at Kinder Labz? Come join us on our Explorers’ Open Day on 11 December, 2021.


Register now at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kinder-labz-explorers-open-day-tickets-216047161877 or call 010-6644 211 to book your appointment. We can’t wait to show you the hive!

Look Ma, I’m painting with my fingers!

Our Pre-Nursery bees put their tiny fingers to good use during their Finger Printing Art session this week. Using their fingerprints, they formed leaves for the trees they painted, making beautiful portraits in the process. This activity helped improve the little bees’ fine motor skills as they strengthened their finger and hand muscles while fingerprinting.


Meanwhile, our Nursery bees had a buzzing time telling the story about The Elephant and Friends during a Puppet Play. Acting out the characters of the elephant, monkey and rabbit, they brought the story to life while improving their dexterity and fine motor coordination as they manipulated the puppets.


On the other side of the hive, our K1 bees were serious at work learning to add. Using counters to represent addition and actions, the bees further understood the concept of adding while learning the basic definitions of add, total, sum, and equal.


We would also like to call on you to spread the joys of learning at Kinder Labz by inviting your friends to our Explorers’ Open Day on Sat, 11 December, 9am to 2pm. There will be art and craft, and percussion sessions, an augmented reality (AR) demonstration at our brand new Makerspace room, as well as special sign up offers.


Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Lebah–lebah dari Pre–Nursery telah membuat capan jari membentuk daun pokok. Aktiviti ini secara tidak langsung membantu memperkukuhkan kemahiran motor mereka di samping menambah kreativiti mereka.


Lebah–lebah Nursery pula telah mengadakan sesi bercerita menggunakan boneka tangan seperti monyet, arnab, dan gajah untuk merealisasikan cerita bertajuk “Elephant and Friends”.


Bagi lebah–lebah di K1 pula, mereka sibuk belajar kemahiran menambah dengan menggunakan manik dan butang untuk memperkukuhkan lagi pemahaman matematik mereka.


Kami juga mengambil peluang ini untuk menjemput anda serta kawan–kawan anda ke Hari Terbuka Explorers kami pada hari Sabtu, 11 Disember, bermula 9 pagi hingga 2 petang. Terdapat sesi kraftangan dan pelbagai permainan di samping tawaran yang menarik apabila anda mendaftar anak anda di Kinder Labz.


Sehingga bertemu lagi, ceria–ceria selalu.







我们想呼吁您在 12 月 11 日(星期六)早上9 点至下午 2 点可邀请您的朋友参与我们的探索开放日,从而传播在Kinder Labz里学习的乐趣。我们将在全新的Makerspace房间进行的活动有手工艺品、打击乐器、增强现实 (AR) 演示以及特别注册优惠。



Kinder Labz Explorers’ Open Day

It all starts here! Take flight and attend our Explorers’ Open Day to find out why we are the most buzzing kindergarten for 2-6 year olds in Ipoh. Visit Kinder Labz on Saturday, 11 December, from 9am – 2pm, at 4 Jalan Woodward, Ipoh, but first get your tickets at eventbrite.com/e/kinder-labz-explorers-open-day-tickets-216047161877.


Let us take you on a magical tour around the hive as you learn about life at the hive with our high energy international curriculum. Get a feel of the nurturing environment that your child will experience as a curious bee at Kinder Labz.



* Cambridge English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu

* Swimming lessons

* Makerspace

* Clean and safe hive

* Healthy eating canteen

* Medical bay

* Before & After School Club

* Free uniform and administration fee upon sign up


Register now! Visit eventbrite.com/e/kinder-labz-explorers-open-day-tickets-216047161877 or call/WhatsApp 010-6644 211 to book your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you and your little ones at Kinder Labz!

A week of learning about shapes and different cultures.

Dear Parents and Guardians,


This week our little bees in Pre-Nursery had a ball of a time practising their hand-eye coordination skills by attempting to drop a ball through a hole in a tray. It was real fun to see our little bees getting excited when the ball successfully dropped through the hole.


On the other side of the hive, our curious K1 bees buzzed on with shapes as they learned to identify shapes such as cones, cuboids, cylinders and pyramids. Learning that each shape has different number of faces, vertices and edges, this lesson on shapes helped them identify and organise visual information.


“Saya pakai baju kurung, kamu pakai cheong sam, dia pakai jeepa”

Said our buzzing bees in K2 when learning about the different cultures and traditions in Malaysia as they dressed in their traditional costumes. This activity helped our little learners to “Bee Diverse” while promoting cross cultural understanding.


Meanwhile, our K2 bees will be celebrating the first milestone in their education life as they graduate from Kinder Labz on 27 November 2021. To begin at 8am, the graduation ceremony will be held at 4, Jalan Woodward, in conjunction with the official opening of our sister language centre, Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (ILTI) by Deputy Education Minister I, Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon.


Thank you and have a good weekend.

Wahai para Ibubapa dan Penjaga,


Minggu ini lebah kecil kami di Pre- Nursery mengasah kemahiran koordinasi tangan dan mata mereka dengan cuba memasukkan bola melalui lubang dari dalam dulang. Lebah-lebah kecil kami kelihatan teruja apabila bola berjaya jatuh ke dalam lubang.


Bersebelahan sarang, lebah K1 kami yang ingin tahu tentang jenis bentuk semasa mereka belajar mengenal pasti bentuk seperti kon, kuboid, silinder dan piramid. Dengan mempelajari bahawa setiap bentuk mempunyai bilangan muka, bucu dan sudut yang berbeza, pelajaran tentang bentuk ini membantu mereka mengenal pasti dan menyusun maklumat visual.


“Saya pakai baju kurung, kamu pakai cheong sam, dia pakai jeepa”

Kata lebah kami di K2 yang teruja apabila mempelajari tentang budaya dan tradisi yang berbeza di Malaysia semasa mereka memakai pakaian tradisional mereka. Aktiviti ini membantu pelajar kecil kami untuk “Bee Diverse” sambil mempromosikan silang antara budaya.


Sementara itu, lebah K2 kami akan meraikan kejayaan pertama dalam sejarah pendidikan mereka apabila mereka menamatkan pengajian dari Kinder Labz pada 27 November 2021. Bermula pada jam 8 pagi, majlis graduasi akan diadakan di 4, Jalan Woodward, bersempena dengan pembukaan rasmi pusat bahasa kami, Ipoh Learning & Training Institute (ILTI) oleh Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan I, Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon.


Terima kasih dan selamat berhujung minggu.







“Saya pakai baju kurung、kamu pakai cheong sam、dia pakai jeepa”



与此同时,我们幼二班的蜜蜂将于 2021 年 11 月 27 日在Kinder Labz毕业,庆祝他们教育生涯的第一个里程碑。此毕业典礼将在上午 8 点开始,在 4, Jalan Woodward举行,同时正式开幕我们的语言中心,怡保学习与培训中心 (ILTI),将有第一副教育部长拿督马汉顺医生参与。



A splashing good time in the water!

Dear Families,


Our Pre-Nursery bees had a fun game on colours, learning to identify colours by throwing a ball into the part of the egg carton with the right colours. This activity not only enhances the children’s recognition of colours but improves their hand and eye coordination.


In our Mandarin lesson for our K1 class, our little bees learned to use the basic Chinese strokes to form words and to count the number of strokes used in each word through a matching activity. By matching the words to the correct pictures, they learned the formation of Chinese words.


Meanwhile, swimming classes at Aqualabz have commenced, much to the excitement of our little bees. With guidance from their coaches, the little bees first learned how to get into the pool properly before learning how to breathe underwater. Aqualabz is our swim school for children aged 4 and above during school hours. Those wishing to sign up can WhatsApp us at 010-6644 211.


We wish everyone a great weekend. Stay safe.

Kehadapan keluarga tersayang,


Lebah Pre-Nursery kami sedang bermain permainan yang menyeronokkan tentang warna, belajar mengenal pasti warna dengan membaling bola ke dalam bahagian kotak telur mengikut warna yang betul. Aktiviti ini bukan sahaja mengasah kemahiran pengecaman warna kanak-kanak tetapi meningkatkan koordinasi tangan dan mata mereka.


Dalam kelas Mandarin kelas K1 kami, lebah kecil kami belajar menggunakan karakter Cina untuk membentuk perkataan dan mengira bilangan garisan yang digunakan dalam setiap perkataan melalui aktiviti padanan. Dengan memadankan perkataan dengan gambar yang betul, mereka mempelajari bagaimana untuk membentuk karakter Cina.


Sementara itu, kelas renang di Aqualabz yang kini telah bermula, sangat menggembirakan lebah kecil kami. Dengan bimbingan daripada jurulatih mereka, lebah-lebah kecil memulakan pelajaran dengan cara masuk ke dalam kolam dengan betul sebelum belajar cara bernafas di dalam air. Aqualabz ialah sekolah renang kami untuk kanak-kanak berumur 4 tahun ke atas semasa waktu persekolahan. Mereka yang ingin mendaftar boleh menghubungi kami menerusi WhatsApp di talian 010-6644 211.


Semoga hujung minggu anda indah dan menyeronokkan. Kekal selamat.







与此同时,Aqualabz 的游泳课也已经开始,这让我们的小蜜蜂们感到兴奋不已。在教练的指导下,小蜜蜂们先学会了如何正确地进入游泳池,然后再学习如何在水下呼吸。 Aqualabz 是我们在上课的时间为 4 岁以及以上的儿童开设的游泳学校。有意报名者可致电 010-6644 211 WhatsApp 我们。



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